ES531IBI020 - Torrent de Cala Sant Vicent mouth


Wetland data

Basic information
Wetland location: Marine/Coastal
Wetland type: Natural
Wetland area: 0.3 Ha
Hydrological interaction: -  
Water salinity: Brackish (5.0-18.0 g/l)
Type of fresh water input: Torrent / Stream
Surface water runoff Outflow from lakeshore or river
Open water area (%): 51 - 75
Hydroperiod: Seasonal
Geographic information
Region: Balearic Islands
Island: Ibiza
Municipality: Sant Joan de Labritja
Longitude: 1.589810 East
Latitude: 39.075163 North
Wetland condition
Wetland status (MEDWET): 3 - Original habitats/landform partially modified (10-50% untouched)
Ramsar wetland type
Type Coverage (%)
F — Estuarine waters; permanent water of estuaries and estuarine systems of deltas. > 95
Property status
Ecosystem services
Type of ecosystem service Ecosystem service Scale of Βenefit (%) Importance
Regulatory services Erosion regulation
Regulatory services Flood hazard regulation
Supporting services Nutrient cycling
Supporting services Provision of habitat
Regulatory services Water purification
Activities on wetland
Activity Intensity
502 = roads motorways High
690 = Other leisure and tourism impacts not referred to above High
Activities on catchment area
Activity Intensity
401 = continuous urbanisation High
590 = Other forms of transportation and communication High
629 = other outdoor sports and leisure activities High
Impact Intensity
AS- = Loss of scenic value High
HL- = Habitat loss High
Habitat types
Type Coverage (%)
1150 * Coastal lagoons 5 - 25
6420 Mediterranean tall humid grasslands of the Molinio-Holoschoenion 5 - 25
Species Presence status References
Arundo donax Linnaeus 1753 Present
Juncus acutus Linnaeus 1753 Present
Phragmites australis (Cavanilles) von Trinius ex v Dominant
Scirpus holoschoenus Linnaeus 1753 Present
Scirpus maritimus Linnaeus 1753 Dominant
Tamarix sp. Present