ES531IBI007 - sa Rota irrigation pond


Wetland data

Basic information
Wetland location: Inland
Wetland type: Artificial
Wetland area: 3.3 Ha
Hydrological interaction: -  
Water salinity: Fresh (< 0.5 g/l)
Type of fresh water input: Other
Surface water runoff Outflow controlled by pipeline
Open water area (%): > 95
Hydroperiod: Permanent
Geographic information
Region: Balearic Islands
Island: Ibiza
Municipality: Santa Eulària des Riu
Longitude: 1.522379 East
Latitude: 39.005600 North
Biological significance
Biological significance: High
Ramsar wetland type
Type Coverage (%)
6 -- Water storage areas; reservoirs/barrages/dams/impoundments (generally over 8 ha) > 95
Property status
Protection statuses
Protection status category Protection status subcategory Area's name Code Coverage area (%) Legislation
Other Urban planning regulations Puig de Mussona y Puig de s'Eixeró ARIP Eiv-1 100 Ley 1/1991
Ecosystem services
Type of ecosystem service Ecosystem service Scale of Βenefit (%) Importance
Provisioning services Fresh water
Supporting services Provision of habitat
Activities on wetland
Activity Intensity
430 = Agricultural structures High
Activities on catchment area
Activity Intensity
490 = Other urbanisation industrial and similar activities Medium
Impact Intensity
EW- = Increase in wilderness/wildlife values High


Number of individuals


Larus michahellis Naumann 1840 10-100 Not nesting Manchado et al., 2017
Falco eleonorae Gené 1839 10-100 Not nesting
Phalacrocorax carbo (Linnaeus 1758) 1-10 Not nesting Manchado et al., 2017
Podiceps nigricollis Brehm 1831 1-10 Not nesting Manchado et al., 2017
Tachybaptus ruficollis (Pallas 1764) 10-100 Not nesting Manchado et al., 2017

Manchado, J., Méndez, X, Suárez, M. & Cardona, E. Recompte hivernal d'aus aquàtiques, limícoles i gavines a les Balears, gener 2017. AOB 2016, vol 31: 25-38. GOB. Palma.